January 4, 2017

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

The new book from Mike O'Brien, Good Sailboat Designs, is now in stock. It's a compilation of Mike's favorites from Boat Design Quarterly, the magazine he started back in the 1990s. Many of you will also know Mike from the WoodenBoat magazine designs column. He's also written many of the essays in our study plans catalogs series, including the newest, Forty-Five Wooden Boats.

If you want to start the year on a plus, think Small Boats Monthly. It's going gangbusters, and the new January issue just hit the interwebs. It features a slightly modified Jericho Bay skiff, as well as the little sister of the Sea Clipper 20, and of course several other boats, product reviews, and gear. Bonus: if you click the "From the Editor" tab, you'll see a pretty neat way to make a boat roller, including turning the round bits... on your tablesaw.

And, if a certain someone was remiss this year and you're without your favorite calendar, we can help. The 2017 Calendar of Wooden Boats is in stock and ready to ship. Fact: there's not prettier wall calendar out there.

We thought we were all sold out of the Small Boats 2010 print issue. Thanks to Lorna in our circulation office, we now have more, but this is the end of her secret stash.

Lastly, Kim and Rich tell us they've had their typically crazy phone fest for the opening of registrations for summer 2017 WoodenBoat School courses. If you've not contacted them about potential classes, it's time, folks. "Thumb" through their catalog, and then pick up the phone and give'm a call. 207 359 4651.

-Scot & Crew

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