December 14, 2016

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

Mid-December means the new January/February issue of WoodenBoat is now available in Print as well as PDF format as an instant digital download. Lorna in circulation reminds us that lots of folks like to subscribe/renew starting with the January/February issue. It's an easy time-frame to remember, so we thought we'd prod you along. Visit Subscribe Now where you'll see several options, including multi-year at a discount, and print combined with digital subscriptions.

Just arrived: a new, larger teak grate-top table. Works for boat or home, and it's like the version we've offered for several years, but slightly bigger. Click Folding Teak Table. This one has a top that measures approximately 24" x 24", and like the smaller version, it stows easily, as it folds in half.

If the boatbuilding bug has got you to the point that you need to get at it right away, consider PDF downloads of boatbuilding plans. And, if you want some of the quicker builds around, take a look at three Dave Gentry skin-on-frame designs: Chuckanut 15, 18' wherry, and 10' sailing skiff, Annabelle. All three appear in our new designs catalog Forty-Five Wooden Boats. During a week long course at our WoodenBoat School, students not only built their own Chuckanut, they painted them and took them out on our waterfront. And all at a pretty relaxed pace.

And lastly, this is our final newsletter of the 2016. We've been a bit prolific these past few weeks so will give you a rest til the new year. Of course, you are welcome to call us (1.800.273.7447) or email us ( if you have questions, suggestions, or answers. Our site is always open, and we're pretty good about answering emails even when we're not actually in the Store.

Our thanks go to you folks for helping make it another fine year here at Shangri-La.

-Scot & Crew

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pps: Mark your calendar... WoodenBoat School registration opens on Monday, January 2, 2017 at 8am eastern time (-5 GMT).