November 23, 2016

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

Your wish list just got longer: the book Herreshoff: American Masterpieces has arrived, and publisher WW Norton pulled-out all the production stops. Large (11"x17") format, beautiful paper, and big beautiful photographs from Ben Mendowitz, one of the best in the business. Plus it's Herreshoff, and WoodenBoat royalty (Maynard Bray) is heavily involved, so it has to be terrific.

Got a thing for tugs? You're in luck, as another nice book landed here in beautiful downtown Brooklin: Tugboats Illustrated is indeed well illustrated with photos, great drawings, and it's packed with information about how and why these workboats get the job done.

More good news: we have building plans in stock for Karl Stambaugh's handsome 15-foot Sailing Skiff, as well as three of Sam Devlin's outboard skiff Candlefish plans (13, 16, and 18). And we now have study plans for these new designs as well. You may have heard of the Candlefish from Small Boats Monthly, as it was featured in the April 2015 issue. That link actually goes to the FAQ page on the Small Boats Monthly site because the free sample issue is the very issue which has the piece on the Candlefish 13.

This is pretty neat.... Jon finally has his name up in lights! We just received some pix (thanks Kat) from the west coast premiere of The Restorer's Journey with Jon Wilson and filmmaker Oleg Harencar. Take a look.

And lastly, we recently came across a piece stashed on-line from several years ago about William Garden who authored our The Making of Tom Cat book as well as designing the boat and drawing up the plans. Fast-forward to present day, you can follow a very talented builder who has been documenting his progress building a Tom Cat on this WoodenBoat Forum thread. Enjoy.

-Scot & Crew

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