October 26, 2016

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

In past notes you've likely read here about Dick Wynne / Lodestar publishing in the UK. Good news: we now have the new Lodestar book Mostly Mischief by H.W. Tillman. And yes, we also stock Mischief In Patagonia as well.

Several years ago we published the book How to Build the Ocean Pointer, David Stimson's strip-built version of the Alton Wallace West Pointer skiff. We recently went back to press on that book, and we're now stocking the building plans for this handsome tumblehomed boat. See Ocean Pointer plans.

What do The Weekend Sailor and The Long Haul have in common? Nope, they aren't nicknames for politicians. They are the winners at the International Maritime Film Festival which took place September 30 thru Oct 2. Thought you might want to know. You can see listings and runners-up at Film Fest.

If you happen to have read our newsletter from the end of September, it included a mention of the IBEX Show (trade show for the boatbuilding industry), which was founded by WoodenBoat Publications, and our sister magazine Professional BoatBuilder. The big news at the October show was WoodenBoat sold its stake in IBEX to The RAI (Amsterdam). The RAI is the outfit that runs the huge METS show in that neck of the woods. Yes, Professional BoatBuilder magazine continues to be a strong part of the WoodenBoat Publications stable. PBB covers all types of boat construction, and you can order Back Issues or subscribe via PBB Subs.

And lastly, we have a new subscription fulfillment outfit for WoodenBoat magazine, based in Ohio, so you'll see a new look on the subscriptions, renewals, gift giving, account look-up info side of things. Click All Things Subscriber if you're considering the idea of making dreams come true.

-Scot & Crew

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