To: WoodenBoat Devotees

Back in the 80s, we carried a popular book by Allen Taub, but it's been out of print for quite some time. The Art of Wooden Boat Repair is his new book based on his prior work, The Boatwright's Companion. This new version is heavily revised, updated, and expanded. If you're interested in the topic, and would like to hear about it from someone with over forty years experience in the trade, then you'll likely be pleased with this.

If you've been pondering which handsome flag to fly on your handsome boat, we have you covered. Just in from American flag maker Annin, our nylon swallow-tailed Royal Blue Burgee with acid-dyed white WoodenBoat logo might just fit the bill. Ideally sized at 12" x 18", it includes brass grommets and heavy nylon bunting.

Can't always be aboard? You can still "fly" the flag with our new cloisonné WoodenBoat Burgee Pin which measures about 1" x 3/4", and is Royal Blue and Gold. Add to your lapel, hat, or as epaulettes -- your new accoutrement will no doubt make you look slimmer, younger, and taller.

Looking for a good (and free!) read? Click into To Build a Boat. It's a recent and very entertaining thread on our WoodenBoat Forum. If you've not visited the Forum, you'll find it's a very active place, lots of builds going on, and well over 34,000 members and 2.7 million posts.

And finally, when you have a few more minutes, a visit to the Shorpy Collection is in order. This site has loads of historical, mesmerizing photos. Click on an image from the search, and then click again to see the "big picture". Photos range from the US Civil War era to the early 20th century and then some. Our artist friend Bob Dance gave us the heads-up about Shorpy. You may have seen Bob's work in WoodenBoat as well as the cover art for our book Boatbuilding Down East, where you'll also find a link to his site.

-Scot and Crew

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