August 17, 2016

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

The new Sept/Oct issue of WoodenBoat is now available in both print and as a digital download. The tip from Art Director James B. to the non-subscribers: get to the newsstand fast because that great cover shot of the GÖTHEBORG is going to spike newsstand sales.

And, good news for you Getting Started in Boats fans is... it's back! The supplement to WoodenBoat is also available as a digital download (as are all the past issues of GS, individually or in sets). This issue, #58 in the series is "Night Falls" with things to think about in dealing with lighting aboard. Even if all of your sailing is currently during the daylight, it's good stuff to know.

Got kiddos who need to get started with some woodworking projects? This will do it: Easy Carpentry Projects for Children is one of those straight-forward books (originally published in 1959—slightly before "screen time" was a thing) geared for immediate "hands-on time". The kicker? It's $5.95.

And finally, the word from WB mag editor Matt Murphy is, the upcoming International Maritime Film Festival (Sept 30-Oct 2, Bucksport, Maine) will indeed include a bonus feature (not in the judging) showing of Jon Wilson: The Restorer's Journey. And yes, if you click that link, you can order the DVD directly from us. It will likely go out in today's mail. Just tryin' to make it easy.

-Scot & Crew

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