July 20, 2016

To: WoodenBoat Devotees

Ready for some "oh my" canoes? You're in luck because the 2017 Wooden Canoe wall calendar is now available. Published by the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association, it features over a dozen terrific images to brighten your entire year. Click that link and you'll also see a slideshow showing all the beautiful photos.

Blast from the past... The Mariner's Book of Days is back in print. After Uncle Pete retired, the publisher also retired the engagement calendar for a couple of years. But they brought it back for 2017, and we have it in stock, ready to ship.

So new the digital ink isn't dry: the August/September issue of our sister pub, Professional BoatBuilder magazine. And yes, this magazine is a publication geared to the trade working in all materials, however, you might find the piece "One Jig to Build Them All" of interest. It's by John Brooks and Ruth Ann Hill (authors of How to Build Glued-Lapstrake Wooden Boats) about making adjustable building jigs which can work for several different boats.

Reason number 632 for taking a course at the WoodenBoat School: Guests pop-in on a regular basis. This past week editor/publisher Mike O'Brien (Boat Design Quarterly) spent time with the Fundamentals course, talking about small boat design and construction. Later that afternoon, illustrator Sam Manning visited with classes (he wisely stayed-on for the lobster cookout). Sam has illustrated many articles for WoodenBoat, as well as a bunch of books, including How to Build a Wooden Boat, and Keeping the Cutting Edge, amongst others, and of course, the book we just brought back into print, New England Masts, which Sam not only illustrated, but also wrote.

Lastly, if you've not had a sufficient dose of oh-so beautiful boats, take a look at Gareth's posting on our WoodenBoat Forum, called British Classics. It's good for what ails you.

-Scot & Crew

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