The Adirondack Guide-Boat*

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The definitive work on a truly classic American boat type. It covers the history, evolution, construction, and use. Especially worthwhile are the lines and offsets, plus patterns for oars, paddles, seats, yokes and more. Foreward, plans, and two chapters are written by John Gardner.

Table of Contents:
The Guide-Boat: Its Time and Place

  • Introduction
  • Water Transport in Colonial America
  • Early Portable Boats
  • Evolution of the Adirondack Guide-Boat
  • The Guide
  • Boonville and the Brown's Tract
  • The Grants of Boonville
  • Warren Cole
  • Pleasure Boating: The Competitors
  • Changing Ways

    The Guide-Boat: Its Construction and Handling
  • Four American Work Boats
  • General Characteristics of the Adirondack Guide-Boat
  • Spruce
  • The Search for Spruce Crooks
  • Patterns
  • The Frame
  • Planking
  • The Grant Lap and Plane
  • Sny and Scarph
  • Tacks and Screws
  • Gunwale, Decks, Accessories, and Hardware
  • Modern Materials and Tools
  • Guide-Boat Handling

    by Helen and Kenneth Durant
    Softcover, 250 pp.

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