How To Build A Wooden Boat

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Here is everything you need to know to construct a carvel planked cruising boat, with no more than a set of plans, a stack of lumber, and determination. You'll be hard-pressed to find a book which does a better job of telling you how to go about the process. Bud McIntosh had a gift for explaining as well as building and designing. Combine Bud's text with the elegant yet clean drawings of Sam Manning, and you have a classic text, in print for over 30 years.

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Table of Contents:

  • Laying Down
  • The Making of Molds
  • The Ballast Keel
  • The Backbone: Keel and Sternpost
  • The Backbone : Stem, Rabbet, and Frame Sockets
  • The Backbone: Tail Feather, Transom, Molds, and Sheer
  • Ribbands and Timbering Off
  • Floor Timbers
  • The Planking Process: From the Sheer Down
  • The Planking Process: From the Garboard Up
  • A Smooth and Fair Hull
  • Ceilings
  • Fitting the Deck Framing
  • Laying the Deck
  • Building the House
  • Hatches and Other Deck Joinery
  • Fittings the Bulkheads
  • Spars
  • The Rudder
  • Tools and Devices

    by David C. "Bud" McIntosh
    wonderfully illustrated by Samuel F. Manning
    254 pp., hardcover
    9 x 11"
    ISBN # 0-937822-10-8

    Cover photo by Neil Rabinowitz of the Alden schooner Malabar II. This boat was built by Marc Scott (in Idaho...) who said the Bud McIntosh book was a big factor in being able to build the boat.

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    Noel Martin
    Book review

    Thank you the book was all I expected and more

    Bryan Weikel
    Unapologetically Salty

    I absolutely loved this book for two reasons: fantastic illustrations by Samuel Manning, and unfiltered advice straight from the heart of master boat builder David McIntosh. Occasionally you sense in his writing that he trying to think of an excuse for not using fiberglass, epoxy, dovetail joints, or bronze fasteners everywhere. But he always comes clean and simply tells you straight up why: BECAUSE HE DOESN'T LIKE IT AND ITS HIS DAMN BOOK ANYWAY! He describes, in extraordinary detail, the techniques he has perfected over 50 years of building wooden boats and repairing wooden boats with structural failures. And he includes lots of asides about Naval Architects that have never turned a screw, and Owners all to susceptible to the latest fads. If part of building a wooden boat for you is carrying on tradition, or if you simply would rather work with substantive wood rather than veneers, fiberglass, and epoxy then this book will show you how. Carvel planking with steam bent frames all the way!

    Harry Brown
    Harry's Review of "How To Build A Wooden Boat"

    I'm going to give the "How To Build A Wooden Boat" book a 5 star review even though I haven't even opened the package yet! But I know it must be a great book because it was mentioned in an article in your Wooden Boat magazine (WB 273, Bringing GO GO GIRL Home). The reason I have not opened the package is because I bought the books for a Birthday present for my son Tom Brown. Tom owns Kia Ora which is an 83 year old 38' wooden boat which requires constant maintenance. He is currently doing a partial frame (rib) and floor replacement project on 20 frames and 10 floors on the port and starboard area where the mast is stepped. So he's doing a lot of fitting and scarfing and whatever else you people do to keep these old boats serviceable. Tom's the wooden boat fanatic and I'm just a Tag A Long, but I love reading your magazine. It provides a lot of information and inspiration for my son. I have been bugging him to take pictures of this project, and maybe we can get it published in your magazine.

    J.D. Bondy Mr.
    Great book

    I can almost read this book cover to cover, like a story! That's a first for a boatbuilding manual. Excellent illustrations by Sam Manning.

    Glenn Stewart

    Great book, interesting,informative and fun to read. Very well illustrated.

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