WoodenBoat -DIGITAL

WoodenBoat -DIGITAL

These are complete DIGITAL issues of WoodenBoat. And just like the originals, they are in color, but in PDF format. We don't sell individual articles. File download sizes vary from about 20mb to 80mb... small in this day of big hundred+ gigabyte harddrives and speedy connections.

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To find out if WoodenBoat has published about a particular topic, you can click into our Free On-line Index. In addition to the on-line search, there is a text file you can download to your local drive. Then come back here to order the issues.

And, if you want ALL of the issues, you can get them on a USB Flash drive. Click WB Magazine: Complete Collection.

Our Digital Downloads system is quite simple: Place your order. Select ship method Digital Download, or whatever ship method you want if you have other shippable items. You'll get an email confirmation in a few minutes--if you don't, check your spam filter. Download the files right away (you have up to 3 days)... either from the link in your confirmation email (at the footer, green text) or by going to the account link (upper right of our Store site) if you created an account. You're done!
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