Plans - Boatbuilding

We are plans agents for quite a few designers, including John Atkin, Phil Bolger, Nelson Zimmer, Joel White, Iain Oughtred, Charlie Wittholz, Nat Herreshoff, Bill Garden, John Alden, Albert Strange, Graeme King, and many more. Boatbuilding plans are the ultimate DIY (do it yourself) item. If you'd like to understand more about our plans, click Plans Info.

Outside the US? Digital plans will save you delivery time, shipping, and other fees. They are complete PDFs, which you could take to a local print shop. Click DIGITAL PLANS to see what what we have available. We continue to add designs to the digital group, and will be adding all of the Joel White designs to our Digital Plans section. If you have a particular Joel White plan you'd like to order via download instead of paper/ink, let us know and we can work on getting that set sooner rather than later.

If you'd like to understand more about plans, we have the "Getting Started in Boats" series, an 8-page supplement to issues of WoodenBoat magazine. They are fast reads, and clearly explain what can sometimes be complex topics. Plus, these Getting Started are instant digital download files, so you can be reading them within minutes from right now! Here are four you may find especially useful:

      Getting Started #15, Reading Boat Plans
      Getting Started #18, Lofting
      Getting Started #9, Small Boat Shapes
      Getting Started #20, Sailing Rigs