Small Boats MONTHLY

Small Boats MONTHLY

Small Boats Monthly is a monthly web-based magazine dedicated to owners and users of boats that can be stored and maintained at an average-size home. It features a range of designs for oar, paddle, power, and sail.

Each issue of Small Boats Monthly includes two in-depth boat profiles, as well as rich coverage of gear, technique, adventure and travel narrative, and reader-built boats. While the watercraft featured are built of wood, the magazine maintains a sensibility separate from that of its parent publication, WoodenBoat—a slant toward travel, cruising, and economy of ownership.

The magazine is an on-line only publication (no print, no downloads) and features small boats powered by sail, oar, paddle, and engines of all ilk. For more, visit the Small Boats Monthly site. Click the "About" tab, and you can read a complete sample issue.

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