Kits - Full-sized

Nutshell and Shellback kits are made from Sapele mahogany, with parts pre-cut. Kits include a slotted building jig, plans, hardware, epoxy, and book. The sailing version has all the bits of the rowing, plus rudder, tiller, daggerboard items, rigging materials, and spars shaped to 4 sides, and they are not scarfed. Delivery timing is approximately 4-8 weeks, and shipping (to the lower 48 states only) is charged separately. Shipping might cost $250-$500 depending on destination. Pre-cut kits are shipped from Maryland, by the good folks at CLC boats.


  • You'll want two or three strong friends handy to off-load big, long heavy boxes.
  • If you don't live on a main road, the trucking company might require you to pick-up at their terminal, and you'll need to make your own arrangements.
  • Murphy's Law is in effect: "If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong." Delivery timing, freight carrier damage, weather interruptions... we really have seen it all. These kinds of things can effect the start of your project, so if you are under tight time constraints, delays can take the fun out of what is intended to be an enjoyable process. How's that for salesmanship!

    If you're thinking about building from "scratch" i.e., from plans instead of a kit, you can get plans for either the 7'7" or the 9'6" Nutshell Prams, as well as the Shellback Dinghy directly from us. See the Boatbuilding Plans section of our site. Look under the tenders/prams and the Sailing-Pulling Boats sections.