Downloadable Complete Collections

Downloadable Complete Collections

You do NOT want to order these unless you have a very fast connection. A T1 line or DSL will likely be too slow. These files are several gigabytes in size and you will not be happy if it's hours and hours. It will likely time-out, and you'll be wasting your time and money. If you do have broadband, and have at least 20mbps, you'll find this just fine. Not sure of your download speed? Try one of the freebie on-line test places like

That said, our Digital Downloads system is quite simple:

Place your order. Select Digital Download, or first class, or whatever ship method you want if you have other shippable items.

You'll get an email confirmation within a few minutes. If you don't, please check your spam filter.

Download the files right away (you have up to 3 days)... either from the link in your confirmation email (at the footer, green text) or by going to the account link (upper right of our Store site) if you created an account.

You're done!

For more details about downloading with different browsers, troubleshooting, etc., click MORE DIGI BITS...

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